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INFO Rules (english version)

Stengt for ytterligere svar.



  1. Do not build anything or claim land close to other players without their permission. Build or claim land at least 200 blocks away.
  2. Do not promote or make discussions about other Minecraft servers. Writing the IP adress to another server is illegal.
  3. Do not lie to or about members of the staff.
  4. Do not pick a fight with anyone in staff. A decision is final and shall be respected. You are allowed to disagree, but discussions shall not take place in the chat. Remeber: Staff has the last word!
  5. Do not use mods or hacks to give yourself benefits in-game. For example: X-ray, maps with radar, fly, and so on. Optifine is allowed!
  6. Do not use glitches within the server. If you find any glitches ingame, you are obligated to report this to staff immediatley.
  7. Do not bother other players. For example: Repeated killing or stealing/griefing of the same player.
  8. Do not scam other players to get work done, get in-game stuff or in-game money. Breaking a deal will result in punishment.
  9. Tp-traps are not allowed inside or outside claims.
  10. Threatening another player or talking behind their back is not allowed.
  11. Do not provide any personal information about other players.
  12. Do not build inapropriate buildings, symbols or signs which may seem offensive to others.
  13. AFK machines that gives you more ontime are not allowed! Notice: This only applies to Survival.
  14. Auto fishing machines are not allowed. This can be used as an AFK machine. See section 13 for AFK machines.
  15. Inapropriate names or skins are not allowed.
  16. Do not bother staff. We ask you to send them a private message on Discord instead.
  17. Do not write inapropriate words in chat. Keep the chat friendly. Remember, this is a server that is suitable for all ages! Fighting and bigger discussions between two players shall take place somewhere else. We want a friendly server.
  18. You can grief/steal if you are able to. This applies on both claimed and unclaimed land. A tip: Give trust to players you actually trust. Heavygrief to bother other players are not allowed. Demolishing/destroying a building is considered heavygrief. You can destroy a few blocks to get inside the building to steal from chests, but dont steal/grief with the intention of bothering other players.
  19. You can kill other players if you are able to. See section 7 concerning bothering other players.
  20. You are allowed to have big farms, but if it creates lag, it will be removed.
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Stengt for ytterligere svar.