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Serverrules - English

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1. Do not build anything or claim land close to other players without their permission. Build or claim land at least 200 blocks away.
2. Do not promote or make discussions about other Minecraft servers. Writing the IP adresses or names to another server is illegal. (This applies for both minecraft and discord)
3. Do not lie to or about members of the staff.
4. Do not argue or fight with any members of the staff. A decision is final and shall be respected. You are allowed to disagree, but discussions shall not take place in the public chat. Remeber: Staff has the last word!
5. Do not use mods or hacks to give yourself benefits in-game. For example: X-ray, maps with radar, fly, and so on. Optifine is allowed!
6. Do not abuse errors/glitches within the server. If you find any glitches ingame, you are obligated to report this to staff immediatley.
7. Do not annoy other players. If you are asked to leave an area, you must respect the player! One should always show general respect for all players regardless of history. If there are issues between two players that cannot be resolved, please contact a staff member for assistance. Players are on Vestlandet to have fun.
8. Do not scam other players for deception such as work, in-game stuff or in-game money. Break a deal, rename an item (in example rename a cave spider spawner to skeleton spawner) to sell at higher price and result in punishment.
9. Do not kill other players who are not in PvP. This involves using in example placing lava or spawning mobs near a player for the purpose of killing a player. In PvP mode you have to secure yourself.
10. Do not threaten or talk bad about other players.
11. Do not disclose personal information about other players.
12. Do not create inappropriate structures, signs or marks that may be offensive to others. Examples of this could be creating religious elements that are of negative significance (devil's sign / upside down cross), genitals or swastika.
13. Do not build AFK-machines or devices that can give you more playtime! Note: This only applies to survival.
14. Do not use inappropriate names or skins on the server.
15. Do not bother staff unnecessary. Tip: send a private message on Discord.
16. Do not use inappropriate words on the server. Keep the chat friendly. Remember, this is a server that should be suitable for all ages! Struggling and major discussions between two players will take place in another arena. We want a friendly server.
17. Do not spam words and/or sentences in the chat. It is also not allowed to use unnecessary caps/capital letters. Use common sense of what's appropriate. We keep the chat clean and cozy for everyone!
18. Do not sell things from the server for real money! This should not occur and will result in consequences!
19. Do not build a redstone clock that runs continuously. Don't know what a redstone clock is, check out this website https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Mechanics/Redstone/Clock_circuit
20. Do not use alternate/additional users in farms or in minigames. This creates unnecessarily a lot of lag and/or provides extra benefits beyond what other players have the opportunity to.
21. You can grief/steal if you are able to. This applies on both claimed and unclaimed land. A tip: Give trust to players you actually trust. Heavygrief to bother other players are not allowed. Demolishing/destroying a building is considered heavygrief. You can destroy a few blocks to get inside the building to steal from chests, but dont steal/grief with the intention of annoying other players. (See rule 7 about annoying other players)
22. You can kill other players who are in PvP mode! See paragraph 7 regarding annoying and paragraph 9 regarding killing of players in PvE.
23. You can have large farms, but if we discover that they create lag it will be removed.
24. Items, animals, mobs, villagers and any other items lost on Vestlandet in the form of a glitch or server error will not be replaced. We take no responsibility for things that are lost.
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